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How to practice self compassion effectively?

Self-compassion goes a long way when you talk about being more active towards your own goals!

It’s necessary to practice self-compassion for the simple fact that it has a lingering effect on your existence, in everything you do practically, your job, your daily routines, your responsibilities.

Constantly being judged is exhausting and more so when it is you who is judging yourself. Being a better person in your own eyes can be very challenging. But it can also be rewarding, if you train your mind to not judge but understand, if you tell yourself to actively practice self-compassion, being empathetic towards yourself. How to practice self compassion actively and effectively?

First thing’s first, you have got to stop judging yourself.

There are ways of doing that. I will get to that soon. But always try and catch your mind while you feel down and experience a poor sense of self being downed on you. It’s not how it’s supposed to be. Every single human being on this planet has their very own purposes, they are all worthy for that matter. Never let the feeling of unworthiness clouds your mind. You are worth all your effort!

Identify from where this sense of unworthiness gets triggered.

The moment you start to feel that you don’t measure up in one way or the other, you’d feel you are not talented enough, when you feel unworthy you need to stop right there and take a pause. That is the very moment when you remind yourself that it’s not you, it’s your past experiences that are telling you that you are not worth it. It may have its own reasons, but it surely doesn’t have the right to get you stuck in this dry feeling of unworthiness. Identify your triggers and alter your ways, right that moment. Identifying your triggers to put you in this zone of unworthiness will help you navigate this maze and you will come out of this feeling of unworthiness in no time. Just go step by step. Identify, understand, analyze, learn, and get out of there.

Stop overemphasizing your weaknesses.

We are always prone to obsess over our flaws and blaming ourselves for the blindspots. It is important to remember that moment that everyone has their own blindspots. You are not the only person with some flaws. Having flaws is being humane. Flaws are what leads us to learning and improvements.

You’ll harshly judge yourself, overemphasize your weakness, and obsess about your flaws and blindspots.

You have to keep reminding yourself that you deserve to be happy and you are capable of that. Let your energies work through it

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