How To Prep Your Skin And Hair For Holi? Best Tips

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, is quickly approaching and is one of India’s most anticipated celebrations. Here are the best practices for preserving your skin and scalp throughout the festival.

Holi, a celebration full of merriment and color, is almost approaching. As this will be the first event of the year, anticipation is building as venues begin finalizing their preparations. While everyone loves the carefree feeling that comes with smearing on some bright hues, the negative effects that certain dyes have on one’s skin and hair are a major drawback. Hence, before you go crazy with the Holi paint, here are some pointers on how to take care of your skin and hair.


It’s important to remember that your skin needs protection not just from the sun but additionally from chemically-laden dyes. Get a high-SPF sunscreen and slather it on top of a thick coating of moisturizing cream for your entire body. Colors tend to collect in the cuticles and beneath the nails. Nail length should be kept short, polish applied to prevent staining from the Holi colors, and cuticle oil used to seal the cuticle before stepping out to the Holi celebration. Remember to apply sunscreen on your lips and eye area, too, as they have the thinnest skin on your body. Vaseline on your lips and a heavy moisturizer beneath your eyes will keep those areas well-moisturized and protected. And lastly, before venturing out, it is recommended that you dress in such a way as to shield and expose as little of your skin as possible to color.


To avoid split ends, dryness, and damage to your roots, protecting her scalp is essential when playing Holi. Coat your hair and scalp in coconut oil, all the way from the roots to the ends. This will make it easy to be get-go off the balls once you’re done playing with them and also prevent the color from sticking. Make sure the dye doesn’t penetrate to the center of your hair by braiding it or tying it in a tidy bun. Be sure to use a hair serum, which will help seal the hair cuticle and protect it from environmental aggressors like the sun and dyes. A conclusion has been reached! Following these guidelines, you may be confident that your skin and locks will remain in pristine condition no issue how many different colors you expose them to.


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