How to prepare your home before bringing a pet in your family

The most important thing to ponder before you take a pet home is weather you will be able to take good care of your new buddy.

Taking a pet to home can be an incredible experience, a brand-new chapter in your life. But the most important thing to ponder before you take a pet home is weather you will be able to take good care of your new buddy. Will you be able to take your doggo for a walk at least twice a day, spend time with your cat, clean them up, taking them to the vet and make you abode safe and healthy for a new creature and make it one of you all.

Pet-proof your home

Pay attention to what will be around your pet. Your dog or cat will loiter around all day, so take care there are no hazardous decorative items lying around that they can swallow and choke themselves. Keep away pet -unfriendly plants like cactus, unsafe domestic substance like electronic chords, gums, medication beyond their reach.  Ensure that your doors and windows has latches that a curious paw won’t be able to open.

Prepare your pet’s personal ken

Prepare your pet’s nest colorfully with soft toys and mattress. Organize the zone where your dog or cat will stay the most. It is important to step up your pet’s den, kennel or basket before you bring home so that they can choose the place to retire after a day’s notorious activities. Be prepared for their late nigh cries as they try to adjust to a new surrounding. Set up a quite space that can prevent their wandering

Get pet supplies beforehand

Stock up on pet supplies, collar, potty bags, scratching posts, litter box, leashes should all be brought before you bring the puppy home. You should initially serve it the same food it has been eating, it will take time to adjust to new food habits.

Train your pet

Teach you pet where to relieve itself, introduce him to the litterbox as soon as you get it home. Leash him up and introduce it to the neighbourhood. Begin training on their first outing, most of them will get intimidated, but soon they will get a hang of it. Repetition of command will help them understand what you want it to do.

Select outfits and pet treats and toys

Treats are one of the best tools for behaviour training when used sensibly. Experiment with a few different dog treats and stick with the one that has the highest value for your puppy. That will be the treat he will do anything for, including staying by your side even when a clowder of cats goes by. Stay practical when giving treats.

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