How to prevent and cure nasal congestion

Nasal congestion might not seem to be a big problem but it could be frustrating at times. Breathing is a gift from nature and that is why whenever we find trouble in breathing, it gets irritating immediately. It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Here is how you can prevent and cure nasal congestion.

Nasal blockage generally happens when you get exposed to immediate weather change. It could happen at night if you are sitting too close to cooler to air conditioner. One of the interesting things to know about nasal congestion is that it does not give a warning and can appear without any symptoms. Nasal blockage makes it difficult and impossible for some to sleep at night. It can spoil your mood and even your day. Therefore, it is quite important give important care and attention to your nose.

While traveling

Nose blockage often happens while traveling and therefore you should take good care when traveling, especially by car. Do not sit near the window or keep your head out of the window as it will expose your nose to the air. Nasal blockage can result in migraine which can make your life hell. It then needs immediate treatment. If you are out in the open and traveling, you cannot do much to treat your nose blockage. To avoid such scenario, it is advisable to take a nasal spray with you. However, you should keep in mind that some nasal drop or spray might be addictive for you. You can also take a saline water nasal spray which is lighter and is not addictive.

Steam and nebulizer

The best way to get rid of a blocked nose is to take appropriate amount of steam. It is because water steam melts out the blockage in your nose and clears it quickly. It is the best way to clear out the nasal passage of your nose. However, sometimes what happens is bacteria enters your nose and blocks it. In such cases, it is recommended to nebulizer your nose with medicines recommended by doctors. It will not only clear the nose but will also keep your lungs healthy.


If you are someone whose nose gets blocked easily, you should take extreme care while switching from one climatic condition to another. For example, if you are planning to go to mountains on a trip, be sure to take appropriate clothes and required medications with you. Let your body adjust with the temperature and try to relax your nose muscles by rubbing them lightly.

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