How To Prevent Chlorine From Ruining Your Hair After A Good Swim

Even though swimming is a great exercise, chlorinated water may harm your hair. Here are some ways to protect your hair from chlorine without missing out on swimming.

If you spend a lot of time in the pool, you’ve probably run into an old enemy: chlorine. We don’t dislike chlorine since it’s necessary to maintain the pool clean and free of microorganisms. However, no one appreciates the brittle, thin hair that is an inevitable outcome of swimming in chlorine pools. Since chlorine is a bleach, it changes the hair’s melanin or pigmentation. Combined with the water’s minerals, it can turn blonde hair emerald green.

Always wear a swim cap when in the water

Keeping your hair safe from chlorine is worth the discomfort of wearing a swimming hat for extended periods. But, before you jump into the pool, make sure it fits snugly over your head and that any stray hairs are tucked beneath the rubber cap.

You shouldn’t go swimming if your hair is dry

It is advised to wear a swimming hat when swimming, although few people really do. Because of this, you should always rinse your hair with regular water before getting into the pool, regardless of the weather. Because your hair is already damp, this will prevent the chlorine from being absorbed further.

Apply coconut oil to your hair

While merely rinsing with water will assist, rubbing in some coconut oil can create an even more robust protective barrier for your hair. This is because coconut oil’s bigger molecules are less likely to be absorbed by the hair and more likely to sit on the surface, where they will act as a protective coating.

Wash the chlorine out of hair immediately

If you still manage to obtain any chlorine in the hair despite the precautions mentioned above, you can try these methods to eliminate it. Even if you already put the preceding tips into action, these aftercare procedures will help.

Select the proper shampoo

After a dip in the pool, you may notice that your hair is becoming drier and less true to its natural color. This is a sign that you should switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. This will prevent dryness and protect your hair from chlorine’s drying effects.


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