How to promote better sleep in new moms

Hello new mommies! We are sure you’ve put your baby to sleep, but why ain’t you sleeping? Here are 7 ways to get some sound postnatal sleep.

Getting proper sleep and rest during the first few months is extremely important for you to strike the right balance between your emotional, mental and hormonal health. As a new mother, in between frequent feedings, changing diapers, putting your baby to sleep, it’s a challenge to take care of yourself. Making sure you get enough sleep should be your priority. Only then you will be able to take care of your baby well. Here are 7 expert tips for improving your sleep while bringing up your baby.

  1. Sleep while your baby sleeps

The key to keeping away with your sleep deprivation is to sleep when your baby sleeps. Take a nap before your baby wakes up. So leave aside everything and just put yourself to sleep. We know “ME TIME” is important but not more than your sleep.

  1. Accept help – say yes!

Motherhood is difficult especially during the initial few months. While we know you want to do everything for your baby on your own to ensure safety and hygiene, don’t say NO to help. Be it your family member, a friend or a babysitter, take help rather than stressing over it. While they are there to take care of your baby, take a good sleep.

  1. Involve your Partner for Sharing duties.

While it’s true nothing soothes a crying baby than a mother’s Cuddles, you need to share your duties with your partner. Especially During the night. So that you can nap. Your partner can choose to change the diapers while you can take care of the feeding. This will allow you some extra time to sleep.

  1. Don’t stress about not hearing your baby cry while you are asleep.

Babies, as they say, are natural alarm clocks and with the time you will get attuned to their crying. So sleep without stressing over not waking up to your baby’s cry. Your baby is safe, sleep well!.

  1. Lie down, even if you can’t sleep.

Even if you are not feeling sleepy, you deserve that rest. Get off your feet, chill on the couch and stay away from all the distractions. Play some music, read a book or just close your eyes and relax. Even if you don’t sleep, just lying down by yourself for some time would help you get your energy back. Restore yourself!

  1. Pump breast milk so that you can give the bottle to someone else to take care of the feeding.
  2. Take massages often, relax when the baby naps.

Sleep well mommies! Your little one will be healthy and happy only if you are!

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