How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

Tricks to make your newborn fall asleep effortlessly and make your parenthood a joyful experience.

Nothing swells your heart more than seeing a baby sleep peacefully. The epitome of innocence and tenderness, and only you know the efforts that go into lulling your baby to a calm and serene sleep.

Getting a baby to bed is no rocket science. Here is everything you need to know about baby sleep pattern, which will make the brawl of putting the little munchkins to sleep a cakewalk.

Best Way to Get a Child to Sleep-

By now, you must have realized babies don’t have a fixed sleep cycle till they are 6 months old at least. Newborns sleep up to 17 hours in a day, and as they get older, their sleep duration decreases. Some kids even wake up at midnight only to fall back asleep in a few minutes.

Here are some hacks that may help your baby sleep better at night.

  • Do not play or excite your baby when you feed them or change them before putting them to bed. The lesser your baby is stimulated, the better chances are for them to fall asleep immediately.
  • Make playtime during the day. Playing and talking to your baby during the day helps to tire them so they sleep soundly at night at a long stretch.
  • If your baby is in the habit of falling asleep in your arms, make sure you put your baby in bed when tired but don’t wait until they fall asleep. If they rock continuously, then there is a chance they will wake up the moment you place your baby on her cot.
  • Babies fuss even at the minute disturbances they face. Keep a check on them but do not respond to their crankiness as they fight sleep. If the baby cries, review on them but see if they fall asleep on their own. There could be several things bothering them, so keep checking for if they are hungry, wet, feverish or unwell.

For Toddlers and Preschoolers-

As your baby grows up and moves about, you may find it more challenging to get them to sleep. You can follow a few tips that are going to help you handle these smarty-pants off to bed.

  1. Set a Quiet Routine before Bedtime-

Help your child realize it’s time for bed about an hour before bedtime. Keep them engaged in quiet activities like reading bedtime stories or giving them a comforting bath to get them into a relaxed mood to prepare them for sleep.

  1. Be Consistent In Establishing Bedtime-

Always maintain the same routine to get your child to sleep. Following the same timetable keeps your child mentallY prepared to calm themselves to sleep.

  1. Let Them Sleep With Their Beloved Toy-

There is always a favourite toy or security blanket that your child finds peace with. Let them take it to sleep so that they can connect it to feeling safe and sound while sleeping.

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