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How to reduce acidity caused by coffee consumption

Coffee, a naturally acidic drink due to the abundance of various organic acids may often cause heartburn and other gastrointestinal reflux-related issues to consumers.

The natural acids of coffee beans possess supreme antioxidating power that enhances your energy. Some examples of these acids are chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, and so on. Many people are sensitive to these organic acids promoting belching, burning, or associated unpleasant sensations in the stomach. This may start from your throat and extend throughout the gut. If this condition persists, it will harm your digestive system tremendously. Following are some tips to reduce this acidic impact on your body.

Buy coffee with low acid content:

Considering the unpleasant sensations, nowadays, some coffee brands have modified the manufacturing process to reduce the acidic content without impacting the flavor and health benefits. So, you must go through the details on the packet in supermarkets before purchasing. These processes involve improved roasting and eliminating an outer waxy layer of the beans mostly.

Prefer dark roast preparation of coffee beans:

A scientifically approved process of reducing acidity in coffee is dark roasting. The manufacturers are preferring to roast to a darker level to decrease the acidity thoroughly. The major benefit of this technique is flavor remains unaffected by this.

Replace hot coffee with cold coffee:

This is another simple trick to reduce acidity caused by hot coffee. If you use cold water despite hot water, less organic acid will be extracted from the drink. This reduces the risks of acidity by as much as 70%, as confirmed by a recent research study.

Add some milk to reduce acidity:

Milk contains α and β casein along with lactalbumin. Adding milk to coffee leads to the binding of these milk proteins to some organic acids preventing these organic acids from causing a burning sensation. Moreover, better absorption is also promoted. However, if you are lactose intolerant, this trick is not applicable to you.

Choose double-fermented coffee while purchasing:

Traditionally, Coffee is fermented once during preparation. The coffee cherries are picked and placed in water to stimulate bacterial fermentation. During this step, microorganisms separate the fruit from coffee beans. Some manufacturers are opting for two rounds of fermentation nowadays, known as a double soak. This process reduces the acidic content significantly. Generally, coffee manufactured in Kenya include this double-soaking technique. If possible, you can buy coffee from Kenya to help your gut system.

Sensitivity to coffee varies from person to person. Research on coffee and gut health is still in its infancy. Therefore, it will take a few years to get a complete picture. Till then, follow these steps to reduce acidity after consuming coffee.