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How To Rock Perm Hair Style In The Right Way

Flaunt your bouncy curls with the help of these popular curling techniques.

Modern perming methods have allowed us to create hairstyles that are both innovative and representative of current hair fashion trends. You may become the next topic of conversation by using any of these tried-and-true methods. Read on to know them all.

Root-Station Radius Expansion

This method produces waves or large, loose curls with a gradual taper from roots to ends. Chemicals and heat are used to transform straight hair into waves and curls. Make sure you do it monthly to ensure it is not too harsh on your hair.

Spiral Perm

Fun, bouncy spiral perms may be achieved in long hair with rods of varying diameters. This curl style is achieved by winding the hair over a long rod positioned vertically inside the hair. So when rods are removed, the chemical solution is applied to the hair to maintain the curls.

Pin-Curl Perm

Adding just the proper volume to your mane couldn’t be easier than with this or any pin-curl perm method. Curls will be produced and secured with pins after a salt solution is sprayed on your hair. Then, unravel the curls to reveal flirtatious strands that provide a dash of nostalgia to your modern ensembles.

Stack Permanent Storage

You may get ready to put on a stack perm if you have medium-length or longer hair. Curls resting in the center and bottom portions of hair, created using rollers of varied sizes, give the impression of a textured, curly style while also giving the layered lengths an extra boost of volume.

Multiple Texture Permanent

A multi-textured perm is a great way to add dimension and thickness to your hair while maintaining a natural appearance. To achieve these attention-grabbing curl patterns, curling rods of differing diameters are applied evenly throughout the scalp.


This technique uses long, spongy rods to lengthy perm hair into lovely waves. This is a beautiful alternative if you don’t have naturally curly hair. The average duration of this trend is between three and five months.

Localized Hair Curling And Regrowth

This method is excellent for those who want to smooth out their unruly locks and make them seem more consistent. Using perm rods to induce curls in only a tiny part of hair results in a striking new do. This will also keep your hair soft and natural looking.


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