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How to save yourself from the productivity drainer of what you’re wearing?

Most of all the legendary performers stay in the same outfit for days! Why?

People like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are famous for their self-starting legends and they are also famous for another thing, weird, but wearing the same outfit every day – why, you’d think! It’s about creating a ritual process for success and as the byproduct of this habit comes a lot less decisions to make. Saving oneself from the decisionmaking energy drainage in terms of what to wear to work today, goes a long way in increasing your productivity and can save you from burn out. True Story!

Let’s look at what Barack Obama thinks about this issue and what he said about only wearing gray and blue suits? He once said that he was trying to pare down decisions. He would rather not make decisions about what he is eating or wearing. So he can save his energy for bigger decisions.

Well, now how you would want to go about reducing your decisions about your clothing choices do rely on you. But here somethings can help us decide better. For example, Courtney Carver has introduced this wild thing called Project 333, following which you have got to only wear 33 articles of clothing for the next three months. This can spark some of our inspirations. We can choose to create a system like this and rotate another dozen or so seasonal items alongside those 33 pieces of clothing we have shortlisted.

Here’s an example of a simple wardrobe:  Create yourself a minimalist summer wardrobe with a few t-shirts, a few pants, a few dresses, a few accessories. Go for a minimalist summer wardrobe. If 30 articles of clothing seems a little too drastic for you, don’t worry. Go ahead and reduce clothing decisions without having to get rid of anything from your existing wardrobe. Here are these three simple steps which will get you ahead of most people when it comes to clothing decisions:

You can start with hiding unused pieces clothing and move all the clothes you seldom wear or only wear during a particular season to the back of your closet.

Next step is to divide all your clothes into simple categories. Keep all the shirts or blouses you wear at one place so you will find them quickly without distractions.

Try to prepare your clothes in advance. Layout your wears every night, and check the weather forecast. Select an outfit accordingly.

Follow these steps and you will never waste a minute again on clothing decisions, or should we say indecisions.

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