Published By: Sreyanshi

How to ‘seize the day’ on weekends?

There are a few tips and tricks to go for a productive weekend.

Most of us spend our weekends lying in bed and doing almost nothing. Sometimes partying on Saturday nights and then went through a lazy hangover the very next day. For once, we all thought that next weekend is gonna be productive but it turns out to be the same as usual. Isn't it?

Get a good amount of sleep

Scrolling for hours before sleeping may cause some serious harm. It can be hard to notice but you won't know when insomnia knocks on your door. A fine productive day always costs a fine sleep first, it doesn't necessarily mean sleeping a lot. Try to keep it between 6-8 hours. Avoid caffeine before going to sleep. Try to grab a book rather than grab the mobile phone while laying down on the bed after dinner.

Get organized

Firstly, don't try to get all things done, it's just gonna mess up. You only have two days in hand at a weekend. Take a cup of coffee and think calmly about what you're enthusiastic and motivated about. It can be getting back to an old hobby that was ignored for years or it can be just meditating on the balcony or rooftop. Get yourself organized before getting productive.


Being productive doesn't certainly mean you'll have to do something you're familiar with. It's not necessary to get back to some old hobby that you loved once. Neither you gotta do the same thing you've done for the whole week. You may not possess the same energy to spend hours with your guitar that you bought in high school. You can go on trying something new. How about making some easy trendy dessert? Or some latte art?

Jump into it

After organizing your mind and preparing yourself just jump into your work with a burst of energy, do try to avoid scrolling social media or going through some office works before you get into your activity. If you have decide to work then set time limit for it. Because your energy is limited. Working, checking insta stories or painting. Everything takes energy. With a productive mind and fresh body get into the activity you selected for this weekend.

Sunday nights are always gloomy no matter how your weekend went. Because Sunday night is the last moment of Sunday, don't waste it by sulking. Go through something relaxing, like podcast or audiobooks. And if you still got energy. Keep going with all that productivity. Good luck for your next weekend!