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How to soft-launch your new relationship on social media

From changing the relationship status on Facebook to posting obscure stories on IG, the dating scene really changed

Here’s the thing about dating and relationships: we love bringing it online. Social media is a special place where we flaunt our new beau.

And soft-launching a relationship is quite a thing right now. Remember how we changed out Facebook status to “in a relationship” back in the days? Well, now it’s a silhouette against a sunset, shadowy figure at night, or a portrait from the neck down across the dinner table that counts as a soft launch.

So, what exactly is a soft launch?

It can be defined as a vague disclose of a relationship. Soft launch is art. It can be a softcore reveal of the person without actually showing the face of the partner. Perhaps a dinner story with 2 plates, telling there’s someone eating with you but not really telling who it is. Perhaps it is a side profile or as Kourtney Kardashian did it – intertwined fingers with not tags.

Soft launch reveals you’re in a relationship without making it too explicit. Here’s how you soft launch a new relationship

Remember to check in with your date before posting

You might feel the itch to show off your new beau cause why wouldn’t you? But before you do, make sure to talk about it with your partner. If you and your boo agree on social media PDA, it’s time to soft launch.

Start with the IG stories

Start with the stories. They are only up for 24 hours and gives time ample time for your followers to view your story. Instead of hard dropping a post right onto Insta grid, it is better to start small and soft.

Perhaps a short Boomerang

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Boomerang is a funky way to soft launch. Perhaps disco lights with no clear faces.

Share with Close Friends at first

Start small. Maybe divulge the relationship only to your list of close friends online. Be mindful that people can still screenshot your stories so soft launching with your trusted few is always better.

No tags of course

The point of soft launch is to reveal a relationship but not the partner. So when you post anything, you may tag the place but not the handle.

Should divulge what your relationship is like

Soft launching is better that showcase the kind of relationship you have. If movie nights are something you do, soft launch with a story about movie night.

Include a lightly subtle caption

Ah words do speak louder than posts. While soft launching, caption the story with something like “Nights like these” or “You always know what I want”.


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