How To Soothe A Baby With Stomach Upset

Stomach issues are not uncommon for a baby whose digestive system is still not fully functional. Here is how to take care of the baby when their stomach is upset.

The tiny belly of your baby is susceptible to stomach problems and cramps. If you are a new parent and panicking about what to do to make your child feel better, here are some ways to soothe the aching tummy of your little one.

Massaging The Baby

When it comes to developing your baby’s digestive system, you have a lot of room for improvement. However, one study found that a 15-minute regimen of given pressure massage – moving the skin — applied to the face, belly, and limbs helped alleviate infants’ stomach pain.


Baby leg exercises are an additional option for strengthening the legs externally. You may do a few maneuvers to assist your baby release gas, including bending their legs and placing their knees on their tummies.

Avoid Overfeeding

Whether you’re using a bottle, it’s more difficult to know if your baby has finished nursing since they don’t latch on to you. Also, because a baby’s stomach is just the size of a fist, feedings should be limited to modest portions every two hours.

Avoid Distracting Your Baby While They Are Eating

Tummy issues can be avoided if you keep your Baby’s attention on the task. Feeding should be calm and peaceful with no abrupt noises or bright lights to distract from the task. There are many different ways to do it when it comes to burping. Try a different burping posture if the first one doesn’t work.

Feeding Interrupted By A Burp

It is best to burp the bottle-fed infant at least each three to five minutes, or after every two to three ounces, to delay her gulping and limit the quantity of air that she takes in.

Use A Warm Towel

When your baby has an upset stomach, a warm towel or a warm bath may help the baby relax and evacuate their bowels and soothe their discomfort. As long as they are not overheated!

Keep Your Child’s Head Up

Feeding at an angle allows gravity to do its work. Try a good football or a more laid-back position, whether you’re nursing. Don’t put your baby to sleep immediately away after they’ve eaten.

Be Conscious Of Your Eating Habits

Dairy is a typical cause of an upset stomach in babies when their mother is breastfeeding them. In addition, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and other green vegetables can make a newborn sick.

Tummy Time

Pressure on the stomach is also a benefit of lying down on your Baby’s back, strengthening their neck and head muscles. Tummy time has several benefits for newborns, and one of them is helping them improve digestion.


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