How To Soothe Mosquito Bite Itches

This time of year, everyone is looking for ways to stop mosquito bites and the itching that follows. With lots of park visits or family picnics on lakesides to enjoy, it’s only a matter of time before the red spots that are constantly itching begin to appear (if they haven’t already).

If the constant urge of scratching at a clump of mosquito bites is posing a nuisance to your plans for the summer, there are a variety of DIY remedies to alleviate your issue. Certain are supported by scientific research, but others aren’t, so try them and if they work for you.

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

When a mosquito decides to suck away your precious blood, it releases small amounts of saliva into your skin, which contain proteins that your body recognizes as unwelcome invaders. The reactions to bites from mosquitoes result from the immune system’s response to these proteins. So, as the first line of defense, your body releases chemicals called histamines that trigger itching, inflammation, and swelling.

So, how do you break through the scratch-itch cycle and let the bites heal? Start with treatments for mosquito bites that you can count on.

Apply ice to the affected area

Cold exposure can not only help numb the area but also calm down any inflammation. This will diminish the irritation from bites. Make use of an ice pack, a washcloth immersed in iced water or cooling baths to ease the itching.

Apply calamine creams for itch relief

Another option is to apply calamine or hydrocortisone cream by following the instructions on the label. Make sure you choose ointments with benzocaine and lidocaine for an additional numbing effect.

However, please consult your doctor before using products that contain hydrocortisone as they may produce unwanted side effects.

Take antihistamines

To get quick relief from multiple mosquito bites that demand to be scratched, you can try an over-the-counter, non-drowsy antihistamine such as Cetrizin (cetirizine) and Allegra (fexofenadine). Antihistamines block our body’s histamine receptors, which reduces the intensity of the itching. It also diminishes the welting and swelling associated with bites. However, you must consult your doctor before consuming any medication.

Apply rubbing alcohol

Rub some rubbing alcohol over the bites to find instant relief. However, it will only work for a limited period of time. Since it quickly evaporates, it can have an immediate cooling effect that could help ease itching. Rubbing too much alcohol can cause irritation or burns – so, apply a small amount.

Apply lemon balm to your skin

If you are looking for a traditional herbal remedy, apply creams that contain essential oils of lemon on the bites. Essential oils present in lemon balm help ease inflammation, speed up healing, and reduce the risk of infection.

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