How To Spot a Forged Painting?

Have you ever thought the expensive painting you’re buying might be a fake one?

For art lovers, the value of art is unmatchable, and they might even sense if the artwork is fake. But for normal people like you and me, it becomes quite difficult to get knowledge about a painting, go to its root and check if it’s fake. You’ll be finding an avaricious being who keeps selling fake paintings at excessive rates and people cannot even identify that. Expensive always does not mean real. So, here’s a list of things you need to do before investing money in a painting and help yourself from being deceived.


Even if you are not an art connoisseur, you must invest in a painting you wish to own. For that you need to do a little research on the art, check other arts done by the artist. You can match the trademark style of the art, if it fits the style, it probably is the right one to buy.

Brush Bristles

What happens with a cheap painting is the brush bristles often stay stuck on the painting. An original painting by some great artist will never have such a minute but vital mistake left on their art piece.


Look at the signature, its placement on the art and the style. Now compare it with the other works of the artists. This is by far the most credible checking process of the authenticity of a painting. In case the signature looks different just take back your buying decision. A mismatch of the signature style or colour or its placement, tells a lot about forged paintings. Have a closer look next time!

Authenticity certificate

Genuine paintings will always come with an authenticity certificate that proves the validity of the art and contains details about it. While buying an original painting this document should be given along. If you are not given any such document do not purchase it, you should at once understand it is fake if the seller is not able to provide you with the certificate.

The layering

Original paintings generally have multiple layers, which is visible even with naked eyes. But a fake painting will fail to have such in-depth layering, and that is when you should spot the difference. Check the paints and make sure you have some idea about the paints used or at least bring someone who does.

Get yourself ready for identifying a fake painting this time!

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