How to stay active when there is a heat-wave going on

Is the heat simply crushing you, making it difficult for you to function? Here are some ways you can beat it-

1)      Go for a swim – Swimming is the best possible exercise that you can get, during a heat wave. All active swimmers will agree that swimming makes you fitter and more ready for the day. It will make things easier for you to deal with. Go ahead, take a dip!

2)      If you have long hair, tie it up While venturing out in the heat, sometimes, if your hair is long and open, your face tends to get extremely sweaty, and it becomes very hard to deal with it. Tying your hair doesn’t prevent it, but reduces this from occurring.

3)      Try and see if work from home is an option – Though the pandemic has gone, one can check if work from home is an option. Going out, and dealing with the heat, makes it harder for employees to work and concentrate. This is therefore worth a try. Even at home, remain in cool rooms, where the fan is on!

4)      Wear dark glasses when you go out One of the things that get affected the most when going out, especially in the sun is our eyes. The rays of the sun can be grueling for your eyes especially if you wear glasses or lenses. One of the best possible ways to prevent this is to wear dark glasses when going out. It protects your eyes. Not only do the eyes feel relaxed, but if your eyes are protected, you are more likely to feel relaxed and better. The heat can give you a headache if you aren’t careful, and that makes it worse!

5)      Eat ice cream, Drink Cold Coffee, etc – Ice cream involves a lot of benefits! One of them is during the heatwave. As you will come to realize, ice cream can be one of the best comfort foods during a heat wave, since it is well cold! Similarly, instead of steaming mugs of hot coffee which you usually drink, perhaps you can even substitute with cold coffee. Make use of a blender( or it is possible to even make it without one!), and whip yourself one nice glass of cold coffee in the mornings. These are small but effective ways to help!

6)      Drink lots of water – While cold comfort foods and beverages are fine, don’t forget the basic constituent, water. It is imperative that you drink lots of water during the day to remain hydrated!

Good Luck!

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