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How to stay away from social media when you are a social media manager?

Managing social media can be tricky, here’s five ways to stay away from it!

Social media managers have it rough. They have to deal with all popular platforms all day long, keep up with the trends and post, produce content, engage with consumers and so on. The responsibilities are never ending and it is easy to get lost within this network of various different platforms. Here are five tricks to stay away from it.

A strong philosophy 

For people who are not exposed to social media for their work related purposes, not getting exposed to it at all can help them stay away from social media. But if you hold a job that specifically requires you to keep checking social media every now and then, it is impossible to not get exposed to it. Hence you’d need a strong philosophical backup or perspective to do so. The perspective to do this is to consider it as a marketing software tool that you access at work. Also keep reminding yourself that you are doing extra work by accessing social media outside of work and no one is going to pay you for it.

Do not create a personal profile

You are halfway there if you do not create a profile on these platforms. But you are even more prone to accessing it if you have a personal profile. This is what keeps you tied and makes you feel the urge of checking it again and again. As a social media manager you may have a professional profile through which you access a platform. But make it so that you do not use this profile outside of work or after working hours, because it is related to your office work.

Do not succumb to the trends

No one knows better than you that these social media trends are there to keep the engagement rates high at all times. This means that you know they just want you to use the platform and hence trends go viral. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Reward yourself

If you can successfully do all the other steps give yourself a reward. It can be anything of material value like chocolates, ice cream, flowers, jewellery, shoes, almost anything, take your pick.

Make it clear to others

More often than not people who stay off of social media platforms join it due to peer pressure. Make it clear to others that your job requires you to spend time on it, hence you do not feel the need to spend any more time on it than is absolutely necessary.

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