Published By: Ishani Karmakar

How To Stay Healthy When You Work A Sedentary Job

We are learning more and more about how harmful a sedentary lifestyle can be, and as a result, health professionals are now proclaiming that sitting is the new smoking. It's a dire warning, and we'd be well to heed it even if it seems exaggerated.

Even if you go to the gym several times a week and believe it would make up for all your hours sitting at your desk, recent research suggests that you still need to be active at work to maintain your health.

To prevent the negative health effects of sitting all day, it's important to maintain some activity at your desk and elsewhere during the workday. More movement during the workday will yield enormous advantages. Benefits include less fatigue, aches, and pains from sitting at a desk all day. Please don't wait until it's too late to fix your poor posture, which might have repercussions for years.

Discover why it's so important for us to be active throughout the day, how it may improve our health, and a few methods to do so even if you work a sedentary job.

Switch to a standing desk

There are a variety of stand-up desks on the market, but they all serve the same purpose. You can stand up at your desk and still get a lot done with one of them. But why would you choose to remain on your feet all day?

A better posture and increased blood flow will help you feel less sluggish after long periods of sitting. Even if you can't stand for an entire workday immediately, any time spent doing so is beneficial. Make sure it can be adjusted to your height, though.

Take a seat on an exercise ball

Get ready to do some "active sitting"! If you use an exercise ball as a chair, you'll be using your core muscles (abdominals and back), and that will help you keep your back straight. Working while perched on an exercise ball may get you some curious looks from coworkers, but it's a great way to get in some physical activity without you realising it.

Use a treadmill workstation

If your company is serious about the health and wellness of its workers, they will support your efforts to obtain this for the office. If you feel like you get more exercise by working while standing, consider pacing the room as you use the computer.

Doing some light stretches at your desk

Light stretching at your desk a few times a day won't raise eyebrows. Simple exercises like shoulder lifts, neck stretches, leg raises, and so on can help you stay active at work.