Published By: Ishani Karmakar

How To Strengthen Your Family’s Health And Immunity

In a household, it's practically certain that someone will catch a cold or the flu, especially in the winter. And if one of you gets it, it will very certainly spread across the family.

However, you may lessen the severity and frequency of disease in your household by taking steps to strengthen your family's immune system. A stronger immune system can also reduce the duration and severity of infections. Here are some suggestions for maintaining everyone's defences.

Food and nutrition

Eating a balanced diet that includes a wide range of foods, especially fruit and vegetables, is a no-brainer and consistent with all the other healthy diet messages. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are nature's immune system heroes. Vitamin C, which is abundant in many of these foods (particularly citrus), helps our white blood cells fight off infections like the flu.

It's the sugar that's doing the damage here; eating too much of it (or too many things that rapidly turn into sugar) can weaken the immune system.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise, drinking lots of water, not smoking, limiting alcohol use, keeping a healthy body weight, and practising excellent hygiene are all great ways to enhance immunity and reduce the likelihood of contracting and spreading illness.

Bask in the sun

Humans may manufacture their own vitamin D3 by exposing their skin to sunshine. The capacity to respond to infections is influenced by vitamin D, and a deficit in the vitamin can make us more vulnerable to illness. Despite being in the midst of winter, we are fortunate to still get a healthy dose of sunshine. Embrace every chance you have to bask in the sun.

Get a good night's rest

The same way that your body benefits from movement, it also need rest. Adults, and especially young children, should get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly. Lack of sleep, even for a few days, compromises your immune system since deep sleep activates and re-energizes it. If you're already feeling run down, you're more likely to get sick. If you're having difficulties drifting off, try establishing a nighttime ritual (just as you would with a kid). Reduce the brightness of the room as evening approaches, cut back on coffee, read a book, and put away the smartphone and tablet devices.

Laugh it off to relieve tension

Exposure to stress in its various forms can weaken the immune system and leave us susceptible to disease. Therefore, it is vital that you and your children take steps to reduce their exposure to stress.

You and your loved ones need plenty of time to relax, so schedule in activities like taking a stroll as a family, practising yoga or meditation, taking a hot bath, or even simply sitting back and watching the clouds go by. Spend time with those you care about and indulge in activities you love, such as going to the movies, playing games, dancing, or listening to music, to help you forget your troubles for a while.