How to Take Care of Coarse Hair

Managing coarse hair can be a challenge. It usually has a rough texture and indicates that the hair strands are thicker. This kind of hair typically has problems like frizz, dryness, and stubbornness, making it hard to control.

What Is Coarse Hair?

“Coarse” and “thick” are not the same thing. While “coarse” and “fine” refer to the size of each strand, “thick” refers to the density of your scalp’s hair follicles, or how closely they grow together. In general, thicker hair is more luxuriant and has more follicles per square inch than thinner hair. The ratio of diameter to density varies from person to person. The cortex, cuticle, and medulla of coarse hair, in contrast to thin or medium hair, are all present.

How Should Your Coarse Hair Be Cared For?

Oil Your Hair on A Regular Basis

Coarse hair lacks moisture and is frequently associated with low scalp oil secretion. As a result, regularly oiling your hair is essential. Apply a lot of oil, particularly to the ends. Your hair will stay hydrated and be easier to manage as a result of this.

Limit Heat Styling

Curling and straightening your hair too much with heat styling tools will dehydrate it. Heat can seriously harm the hair if used frequently, leaving it dry, frizzy, and difficult to manage.

Condition Your Hair

Conditioning coarse hair can alleviate numerous issues. When you use nourishing serums and conditioners, your hair can return to its original shape and lay flat.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Coarse hair can benefit greatly from using a silk pillowcase. Because of their smooth surface, silk pillowcases protect your hair from damage caused by tossing and turning while you sleep. Additionally, they retain less moisture, allowing your hair to retain its natural oil.

Invest in High-Quality Hair Care Products

In this context, high-quality hair care products are those that are made especially for coarse hair. Use shampoos that nourish the outer layers of your hair shafts with antioxidants and fatty acids. They prevent breakage and moisturize your hair. Additionally, avoid vigorous rubbing while shampooing to avoid tangles and frizz.

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