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How To Take Care Of Your Designer Bags

Special bags deserve the special treatment!

When you own a luxury or designer bag, you are expected to take care of it with your life. The fortune that is spent on luxury handbags should motivate you to try to keep it safe and as good as new for at least your lifetime. Luxury and designer handbags need you to pay extra attention for the caring ritual that goes with it. Here are a few tips on how to take care of designer bags.

Store The Bag Properly To Avoid Damage

Don’t treat your luxury bag like a piece of crap lying on the floor. Have designated storage space for it, preferably away from heat and light. Do not keep the bag in a haphazard manner. Usually, the luxury bags come covered and filled with acid free tissues in a box. It would be best to store it that away. However, if you lack the space, you can use your old cotton t shorts to stuff the bag to make sure that it retains its original shape. Make sure to never use newspapers to stuff your bag as the ink could transfer onto the lining of the bag. Also, ensure wrapping the chain straps and putting them inside the bag. Otherwise, they might end up staining the leather of the bag. Finally, place the bag in a dust bag that is usually supplied from the store and keep it an upright manner to keep the dust away.

Save Your Bag From Moisture

You might have noticed that your bag has come with one or two silicone gel sachets. It is never a wise idea to throw these away. The silicone gel keeps the moisture away from the bags. If you live in damp and humid weather conditions, the dampness could cause mould growing on the outer surface of the bag. However, if you still find that some mould has found its way to grow on the bag, take it out of the dust bag and wipe it off with a gentle and dry cloth. Once you have done that let the bag breathe a little by keeping it in the air for a day.

Take Note For Any Colour Transfer

Sometimes, the leather may bleed colour especially if it comes in contact with a wet surface. Wipe the colour bleed with a dry and gentle fabric and avoid any wet surfaces.

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