How to take care of your liver naturally?

The liver, a powerhouse organ needs natural care for your well-being.

Ever wondered why an Indian masterpiece movie “Andhadhun” started with a caption like “what is life? It depends on the liver”? you might get the answer after watching the film, but in real life, the liver is truly important. Literally, the liver performs a variety of functions like the production of cholesterol, proteins, storing minerals, vitamins, detoxification of the blood, and so on. You really need to take proper care of your liver and below are some natural ways to do so.

Weight maintenance: Healthy body weight according to age is a must for good liver functioning. Obesity is a major obstacle to liver functions. The obesity caused by alcoholism sometimes results in fatty liver disease. Always keep your weight under control for a healthy liver.

Stay away from toxins: Toxins enter your body in various forms. If you are using aerosol, chemicals, or insecticides on a daily basis in your home or workplace, always try to keep your face and hand covered with proper clothes. These toxins are harmful to your liver. Always wear masks while spraying any room freshener or chemicals.

Vaccination: lethal diseases like hepatitis spread from your liver. It starts with inflammation and spreads further. There are vaccinations available against hepatitis A, B. Make sure you are well vaccinated.

Regular exercise: Exercise has numerous benefits. The harmful triglycerides deposited in your liver can be removed by regular exercise. Daily exercise burns excess fat and helps in proper liver functioning. Swimming, brisk walking are crucial for a healthy liver. Regular cycling can also be effective.

Balanced diet: liver care starts with your diet plan. Any undercooked or overcooked food is bad for your health. You should avoid saturated fat, high-calorie foods, and refined carbohydrates. White bread, pasta are some of the examples of refined carbohydrate food. Always prefer fiber-enriched foods as they help in proper digestion. You can cook with vegetable oils. Apart from that, the liver needs a high amount of water. Drink at least 3-5 liters of water daily. Drink at least 3 cups of tea or coffee. They promote the detoxification function of the liver. Fruits are one of the best friends for your liver. Amongst many, grapefruits, guava, berries are helpful in maintaining a healthy liver. The vegetables like beetroot enhance the antioxidant potential. Many nutritionists prescribe a regular intake of beetroot juice for a healthy liver. Furthermore, any cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels are good for liver functioning.

Avoid alcohol: Most liver disease is associated with excessive alcohol consumption. The alcohol is converted into other harmful compounds inside the liver exerting severe effects. Try to avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible. Do not leave the alcohol at once, try to consult a doctor before leaving.

Apart from that, always maintain your hygiene, never share your utensils with others, conduct liver function tests annually for a healthy liver.

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