Published By: Sougata Dutta

How To Teach Good Sportsmanship To Your Kids?

Don't give them just dry advice!

To be a great sportsman, apart from performance, a great mentality and conscience are also needed. Nowadays all over the world, children's engagement with indoor or outdoor games has increased a lot. competition has increased also. It has become necessary to give proper training in sportsmanship from an early age. You can teach this to your child by taking some very simple steps. Let's see what they are.

Send them to the playground as early as : Don't think about their age

Let them face live sports. Let them feel the taste of defeat and victory from the early stages of life. It will grow their ideas and consciousness. Discuss various sports related things in the family. Arrange some homely indoor games matches among your family. During the game you should react friendly with your opponent's players and keep joking with each other during the game. You have to convince your children that there is much more to achieve than winning. If they  fail, cheer them up and tell him to take the match result lightly. If you notice arrogant behaviour among them after the match, handle it strictly.

You can be your child's role model : He can learn from you

Your behaviour is very important when you are involved in a game or watching any sporting event with your kid. Praise your opponent's players when they are playing well. None of the team members is our enemy, they are human beings like us.They need to be treated with respect. Give this message to your kid. Be humble in front of them in any situation. Handle challenging situations smartly with a smile. Then they will be inspired by you and start following you in their life.

Performance is everything : Conflicts and conspiracies are bad

'Everything is Fair in Love and War'— if we apply this every time in the playground, then maybe we will win, but we won't get a fair game. Rather than that, it is necessary to focus on improving one's own performance. It is better to follow the rules of the game and avoid unnecessary conflicts. You need to analyse yourself first before questioning others. Implant these words in your kid's mind. Ask them to be soft-spoken and humble in any situation.

Whatever the outcome of the game : Handshake is important

This is a basic rule of any international or national team game. Get your child used to it regularly. Show them what the players are doing at the end of the match. Explain to them any attractive event or incident related to sportsmanship. Surely they will understand it and obey. Because the children's minds are filled with honesty and naturalistic expressions, there's not any kind of complexities like ours.