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How to teach your son to respect women

Raising a son with considerable behaviour, affection and respect for women can help him grow as a man of character and great substance.

 We frequently come across such incidents where a woman gets subjected to violence or disrespect even when the whole world is paving way for women empowerment and equality. Such incidents often point towards the actions of disrespectful men who tend to disregard the very fabrics of the society that has been built on respect and harmony. This article shares some approachable thoughts to raise sons the right way with the right principles of life and moral perception.

Teaching the basics of respect and kindness for all

Respect is the basis of every relationship in the society and is certainly not limited to the boundaries of home. When you teach your son that respect is a shared courtesy is a universal gesture, he will learn to resonate kindness with every member of the society. Teach him the right gestures and healthy manners which not only build his character but perception towards life as well.

Raising your son with positive men that respects women

Kids are quick learners and mimic almost everything they observe and see in their surroundings. When your son is growing up, make sure he’s in the right company of men who respect women and have moral senses. Keep your son closer to his father and grandparents at home or with people that can impart good lessons of life.

Tell him to be empathetic, supportive and less stereotypical

Being empathetic and supportive are some of the best qualities in a person one can ever talk about. Teach your son to show empathy and support towards his friends regardless of any gender. Make sure your son is expressive in terms of fears, anxieties or any kind of emotions instead of constructing his mind with stereotypical thoughts like “men don’t cry”. Tell your child to be friends with both male and female friends at school and be supportive towards them at group tasks, it will create a positive perception towards the sense of equality and help them grow with the right mind.

There’s no gender specific chores and they should know it

Standing at this era, people still fight over based job roles and how not every task is suitable for a boy or a girl. From a very early age, teach your sons because even basic household chores like cooking, doing the dishes or cleaning is not at all gender specific instead the very part and parcel of life.

These are some of the steps towards raising your son the right way which will help him grow as a respectful person with a sense of equality towards every social member.

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