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How To Upcycle Your Old Towels

If you are like most people, you must not like old towels lying around the house. But don’t throw them away just yet!

Towels get worn out fast and we never consider keeping them around the house once we are done with them. However, you can get so much use out of old towels instead of just tossing them out. Even if your old towels are not effective in wiping you dry anymore, they can have so many other uses and we don’t mean just as rugs. You can even try out some craft ideas with your old towels and they would turn out so good! Here are a few ways you can repurpose your old towels.

Make It Into A Bath Mat

Towels can make such beautiful bath mats in front of your bath tub or the shower area. You will need two or more old towels for making a bath mat. You can either patch work them into forming a bath mat or even crochet them for making a bath mat. Whatever technique you choose they would add some colour and definition to your washroom and would make the floors look even prettier.

Turn Them Into Bath Slippers

You know those fluffy slippers that you usually use in a hotel bathroom? They are comfortable and keep the bathroom floors and your feet dry. However, you don’t have to spend your money for buying these slippers.  You can use your old towels for making these slippers. All you have to do is cut an old towel into two halves. Take an old pair of slippers and sew the towel pieuces around the slippers covering them.

Make A Beach Bag Out Of Them

Towels are extremely convenient to be turned into beach bags. They can absorb water and keep the things in your bags dry. Take your favourite old towel and fold it vertically. With folded end being the base of your beach bag, sew the other sides of the towel. Cut out two vertical pieces of any cloth of your choice and sew them on the bag as the handles on either side.

Make Pot Holders Out Of Towels

Pot holders used in the kitchen on a daily basis can be easily made from towels. Take an old towel and cut it into two pieces. Add some cotton between the two layers of the towel before sewing them up.

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