How to use activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal, have you heard about it before?

Activated charcoals are a fine-like black powder that acts as a magnet for toxins present in your body. Scientific studies found out that activated charcoals have the potential to benefit us in various ways.

Here are some common ways we can get the benefits of activated charcoal.

It removes foreign materials from our bodies. On entering our body, the components of activated charcoals bind with the unwanted substances and flush them out of the system. It can improve the digestive health system and reduce kidney problems. Also, activated charcoals are for emergency treatment for a drug overdose, poison control and others. It has anti-ageing properties that keep your body healthy. [Tip: Don’t use activated charcoals for emergency treatment without doctor’s advice.]

It claims to maintain oral hygiene. There are tons of oral hygiene products that use activated charcoal as their key ingredient. They claim to be rich in antibacterial, antiviral and detoxifying properties that absorb foreign particles and maintains oral hygiene. Although, it is not accepted as a replacement for the usual oral care routine because researchers couldn’t find enough evidence to determine its contribution towards teeth whitening and oral care.

It is a part of the skincare routine. It is found commonly in cleansing products such as face washes, scrubs and face masks. Skincare products using activated charcoals claims to deep clean our skin by removing dirt, dust, bacteria and other toxin agents. They are found effective to tighten pores, treat acne and controls excess oil production on the skin. Skincare using components of activated charcoal can leave us with healthy and flawless skin.

It is proven beneficial to cure high cholesterol. Activated charcoals have adsorption ability, due to which it attaches to the cholesterol and bile acid in the intestine. It then prevents their absorption into the blood vessels, increasing the breakdown of cholesterol by the liver. Hence, reducing cholesterol levels. Researches found that it is effective only when a person intakes 4-30 grams per day, but it is a must to consult a doctor for the appropriate dosage.

It is an excellent agent to acquire purified drinking water. An activated charcoal tablet can remove impurities such as solvents, fluoride, bacteria and others from the water. It is also used as a filtering agent in commercial water-treatment plants to remove toxins and make it reusable. According to studies, water purifiers using activated charcoal provide 100% purified drinking water.

These are some of how we can use activated charcoals in our life.

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