How to use canva for social media

Canva could surely help our social media profile to grow, when it is all about attractive posts, unique content and engaging infographics.

The social media platform continues to remain in the leading position when it comes to the best ways to connect and reach a mass targeted audience in personal as well as any business environment. In the 21st century we are aware that our potential customers exist in the virtual world and we all have the platform to grab their attention and to interact with them . But, the most essential thing which we require is the perfect content. As per the market researchers, the strength of the virtual world or the social media platform can be determined based on the strength of the content we share.

Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM)

One of the fundamental principles which the marketers usually utilise as per the marketing psychology is the social proof or it could be stated as eWOM. One of the best ways to showcase the social proof of our brand is through posting customer reviews. In order to make the review showcasing impactful, we can select a perfect template which goes well with our brand. The utilisation of bright colours, beautiful frames and a simple yet classy font style could be used to enhance the personality and the engaging power of the review. In order to make our own review on canva, we need to simply select a template which matches our required dimensions and we could customise the graphic elements in it. The customer reviews can be displayed anywhere such as social media posts, company presentations and websites.

Branding Image

Canva could help us in framing our branding image in a few simple steps. No matter  whether we select to use the company’s logo, hashtag or social media handles, what was once a difficult as well as time-consuming activity, will only require a few minutes with the help of canva. Moreover, the transparency tool of canva also means that the branding of our images could further look sleek as well as invasive towards the viewers.

Facebook Cover Image

The cover image in our Facebook page is the first thing which represents our brand to the viewers. The Facebook cover image can be stated as the brand’s first impression; it gives our viewers an instant impression regarding our brand and the things which we can offer them. Facebook cover image change in a systematic periodic manner is a smart option as it allows us to highlight the specific things such as seasonal offers, product launch and many more. Periodical change in the cover image also represents that we are active, engaged and our audience is essential for us. Canva has a wide range of templates for Facebook cover which are designed professionally and they are ready to customize.

So, what is your plan to engage your target audience using canva?

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