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How To Use Words and Throw Them at The Right Spots in Your Writing

Words are powerful – they build and conquer – they can merely flow and turn hatred into love. 


Using the right words in the right places is important. Words have the weight to enrage people so as to calm them down. In our very own part of human history, penned words have sentenced people to their deaths as well as pardoned them from it. In a courtroom, the pen is not mighty unless words are penned. Hence it is crucial to acknowledge the fact that writing the correct words in the correct places is extremely vital to the text and its implication.

Because the truth is that even the simplest texts can bring about revolutions of change throughout human history. To use the right words at the right time, try to keep the following in mind.


Increase Vocabulary: Not with a Dictionary but Understanding Subtextual Meaning

Understand the new words which you come across not always by checking the dictionary but by understanding them from the subtextual concept. Read the situation the words are trying to describe. See the way they are used and the way they are said out loud when stated.


Words Have Volumes: Even When You Read in Silence, Hear the Words

Try to hear the words at first even when you are reading in silence. Then after a while stop listening to the words and get yourself engrossed in the sceneries and happenings of the words. This kind of thought will allow you to deliver your words through the virtue of paper and ink – and since this is the 21st century, through pixels on a screen and some codes of the chip.


Use Good Grammar and Go Beyond: Depending on the Situation Go Beyond the Scope of the Language

Languages are vast areas to explore your creativity. You can tell stories and create snippets of some from your own life as well as those around you. You can narrate from any perspective and use any word as you see fit to describe a situation. Much like Sukumar Ray’s or Lewis Carol’s nonsense verses went beyond their respective vocabulary and languages and still held their respective grounds of austere sensational twist of language.

Using the right words in the right places will not only allow you to express yourself better but it’ll give both your writing as well as your speech an edge – and turn it unique.

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