How to work around uneven skin texture

It’s okay. Take it as a reminder and follow the procedure to get an even skin texture

With our hectic schedules, it often becomes difficult to look after our skin on regular basis. Due to which the build-up of excessive dead skin on the surface of the skin often leads to uneven skin texture. Over time, the skin will start losing its smoothness, resulting in a skin looking dull on the outside.

Common among women
With age, the female body undergoes several hormonal changes adding to an overall loss of suppleness in the skin. Especially in dry skin wrinkles and acne scars can cause skin texture problems on the surface of the skin. Experts are of the opinion that by the late 20s and early 30, cell regeneration for skin repair takes time losing the skin’s ability to retain the texture, moisture, and tone. On top of that oily diet and dehydration adversely affect skin texture. And it can also happen due to genetics, sun damage, lifestyle choices, poor skincare routine and diet.

Sun protection
Experts’ advice is to be aware of excessive sun exposure so start by wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun as much as possible. Consider applying at least an SPF 30 sunscreen and keep drinking plenty of water to self-hydrate. And a moisturizer is a must for dry skin.

Remove dead-skin
One should consider exfoliation a regular part of skincare to be done twice a week as it removes dead skin cells. For that use oil-based products with and Vitamin C to reverse hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C improves skin texture as it has antioxidants that repair and protects the skin from environmental damage; reduce scar tissue and age spots. Follow it up with a mild cleanser – for both skin types- twice a day and a toner if you have enlarged pores. At home, use baking soda or a sugar and olive oil mast for scrub and one can even add apple cider vinegar.

Quick natural remedies
For exfoliation use sugar, salt, or honey that will help in improving the skin texture. Apply directly on face and neck, and leave for 10 minutes then wash with cold water. For toner apply ripe papaya on the face, as it has antibacterial and healing properties that will remove dead cells and damaged skin. Even better, mix egg white and lemon juice, apply on face for 10 minutes and you will have soft smooth skin. This helps clear scars, remove dead skin cells, and lighten acne and dark spots.

The best will be to not think too much and start today to take care of your skin. While the problem or the spot may seem impossible to get rid of, follow these simple at-home remedies and the results will definitely follow.

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