Published By: Sougata Dutta

How to write a book synopsis perfectly?

Let your readers experience the ultimate taste of reading!

A book without synopsis is just like a rose without its attractive petals! Readers are utterly enthusiastic to read a book if they receive their desired synopsis at the introductory page. To summarise briefly from a whole 199 pages book to 9 or 10 sentences is not a matter of joke. It's challenging more than anything. And it's not that much possible to depict specific and elaborate instructions on how to write a synopsis of a book. Rather, you can follow up some steps of how to sorted-out the paragraphs so that readers can feel that attraction.

Hints pick up and establishment: For a better visuality

Keep in mind that you're going to show extracts of larger dimension plots. Things you should follow —
  • Firstly, pick up hints which are enough individually to make an impression of what's going to happen.
  • Don't let even the smallest hint of the conclusion licked.
  • Make people invent their own with your catchy words.

Brief Introduction of characters: For a  strategic view

Many editors and publishers convey the tendency to make a brief introduction of those characters who are going to play a significant impact on the climax so that the readers step up for a better strategic view of the storyline. Write an introduction of them and address the main controversial area shortly.

Set up a confidential material: Along with the ending

Although it depends on what is the storyline, the ending part must be partially unbended and covered. Readers will try to find the ending sequels but don't let them. Make a clever sentence so that readers are forced to read the whole book to get the ending.

Rethink the synopsis: Perfect blend of sentences

For this purpose, if you want to get a strong review of the synopsis you wrote, ask your close friend to read and collect his/her feedback. Loud reading is also necessary to point out your flaws. As you're going through again and again reading, you can construct the whole paragraph into a more accurate one and rebuild the portions which you overlooked before.

Have a look the priorities: Keep in preciseness

  • If you're writing under a specific publishing company or a renowned site, you must listen thoroughly to what they instruct you to do.
  • Finish your entire synopsis within approx 600 words.
  • Put a wonderful title but don't copy paste the exact title.
  • Build a perfect hide and seek into the plots so that the readers can easily read and understand.
  • Create a sparkling filename so that the receiver can get flash.