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How wedding shoot has evolved over the years

Wedding videography is not limited to the footage of bride and groom now. Gone are the days when wedding videographer used to shoot random footages of the wedding and edit them with all the commercial hit song of that time. Nowadays, wedding shoot have become planned and well-choreographed by the event managers and it has opened several doors.

We all must have seen the wedding videos and photos of our parents or the relatives. For current generation, watching those videos and photos might be embarrassing because of the geeky images, over the top editing and cheeky songs. These days , however, the scene has shifted and one cannot help but notice that wedding videos look like Bollywood movies. It is because a typical Indian wedding has all the elements of a movie and when the shooting is done in a well-planned manner, it takes it to another level. Here are some of the aspects which will make it clearer on how the wedding shoot has evolved over the years.

Use of high end accessories

Wedding shoot has become costlier these days as the wedding shoot planners are no longer amateur. They use different high end camera equipment like gimbal, GoPro and even drones for their shoot. The high quality shots and moving shots are not a dream for bride and groom these days. You can take a music video level shoot in your wedding video by the help of these.


These days wedding have a proper choreography done by choreographer. Even if you look at celebrities and their weddings, they hire people from the film industry to choreograph the dance steps for their wedding videos. There is proper planning and roles are allotted to the bride, groom, their families and some of the friends. It might sound unreal but families start rehearsing for the wedding weeks before the date. The event managers decide a proper theme for the wedding and according to it, whole choreography is done in which the cinematographer take part and directs everyone for the big day.


Shootings are not possible in the absence of budget. Whether you are shooting a film or a documentary or a wedding video, you require a budget. Indian weddings are known to happen at a big scale and they have an unrealistic budget, which is why it is easier to shoot them. The budget allows the director and the cinematographer to explore different angles and makes it easier for them to shoot the wedding video as per the need of the couple.

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