How Well Do You Know Sergio Ramos?

Considered one of the greatest defenders of all time in the world of football, Spanish player Sergio Ramos has collected the most number of red cards in the history of the sport

Players such as Maldini, Beckenbauer, Baresi and Bobby Moore are some of the illustrious defenders from the universe of football who wooed the fans with their charismatic and aggressive defending. While no active player can be compared to those names quoted in the first sentence, some defenders at present are legends in their own rights. Out of all the current active defenders, one legendary defender is Sergio Ramos, who has forged his name in the minds and hearts of the football community over the last few seasons. For the diehard Real Madrid or Sergio Ramos fans, we’ve created this ultimate quiz about everyone’s much loved Cuqui.

What is the full name of Sergio Ramos? – Sergio Ramos Garcia

On which date was Ramos born? – 30th March

In which year did Sergio Ramos join Real Madrid? – 2005

What is the jersey number of Sergio Ramos? – #4

How many children do Sergio Ramos have? – Four

Sergio Ramos was born in which city of Spain? – Camas, Sevilla

What is the name of Sergio Ramos’s wife? – Pilar Rubio

Before playing for Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos was a part of which club? – Sevilla

In which year did Ramos make his La Liga debut? – 2004

Do you know the number of tattoos Sergio Ramos has on his body? – 42

Do you know the name of Sergio Ramos’s agent? – Rene

Apart from being Ramos’s agent, what other relationship do the two individuals share? – Rene and Ramos are brothers

What is the name of Sergio Ramos’s world championship-winning horse? – Yucatán SR4

In which year did Ramos get married to Rubio? – 2019

How many goals have Sergio Ramos scored to date for his club and country? – 128 goals

How many trophies have Sergio Ramos accomplished in his career to date? – 25 trophies

How many games has Sergio Ramos played for club and country to date? – 895 games

We know Sergio Ramos for scoring in the UCL finals. In how many finals did he score? – Two UCL finals

In which year did Ramos win the FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball? – 2014

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