How worldwide lockdowns helped Earth to heal.

Let’s have a look at how a pandemic that created havoc in human life helped the environment and mother Earth to heal.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading all across the world, many countries imposed lockdowns and human quarantine. Lockdown meant a restriction of not only human movement but also stopped all economic and commercial activities around the globe. When all social, economic activities suddenly came to a halt, our planet took control and healed itself. Lockdown led to cleaner air, cleaner water, less noise pollution and made wildlife reclaim its lost space and glory. Indeed, these lockdowns did what we human have failed to do for our planet. Here are some of the positive outcomes for our planet during this pandemic.

Improved air quality: Complete shutdown of many commercial and economic activities meant lesser cars on roads and fewer flights in the air which led to tremendous improvement in the air quality. The lower level of nitrogen dioxide emission has also been observed from space. Experts claim that it had led to the repairing of the ozone layer which acts as a sunscreen for Earth from Sun’s harmful radiations.

Cleaner water: Less economic and commercial activities saw a significant change in the quality of water in rivers across the world. Even Italy’s famous canals which were polluted by increasing tourists are now cleanest and clearest in the last 60 years. Not only rivers, but even oceans have also benefitted by less human activities which helped marine life heal itself.

Reduction in noise pollution: Lockdowns not only helped in improved air quality but also reduced noise pollution. With no honking, no aviation noise, no sound of machines in construction sites and factories, no loudspeakers, one could hear the sound of birds, crickets and even the wind whistling.

Wildlife: Wildlife reclaimed its territory which was taken away by humans. With humans, indoor, many animals and birds came out to explore the great outdoors. May it be the sighting of dolphins in Italy, laying of eggs by turtle on beaches, wild boars in Barcelona, the world witnessed how wildlife came out to explore the areas which they avoided due to human interference.

Though the hunt for coronavirus vaccine is still on, lockdown worked as an excellent vaccine for the healing of our planet. As we are slowly returning to normalcy, shouldn’t we give a thought to what we are doing to our planet? Take a moment to think that Earth can function quite perfectly without humankind. If we don’t change the way we live, we would eventually pave the way to our destruction. Time for some thoughtful living, right?

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