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How you can free up massive energy when you finally make a decision

If you are repetitively doing all the things you need to do yet failing to accomplish a job, there can be more to be done to stop it.

You feel you are frustrated and procrastination has got you so all of your most difficult tasks take forever to get done. Hardwork doesn’t make any slightest amount of differences. You to-do list keeps building on and your responsibilities lurk about in dark corners, for you to find a lonely moment and here comes the pounce. They will suffocate you with guilt and stress. It doesn’t seem fair. You most work as hard as everyone else and sometimes harder.  You make sure to know what projects are important and care enough to work on them. And you get into the slippery slope of scrutinizing every minute. But then again, when it comes down to hard tasks, time to get a tough job done, the internal struggle gets desperate. The tasks take forever to get started, let alone finishing them.

This is the time when you start wondering, there must be something you are missing. What’s your mistake, what’s that one thing that’s crippling your productivity; your creativity? The missing link is here, it is called decision fatigue.

How decision fatigue can destroy our productivity every day? For many of us surviving this condition, decision fatigue isn’t restricted to a distant threat. It comes to us as a personal struggle and it needs our work to combat it completely. Since the past two years, this thing called decision fatigue absolutely consumed my life, whole. And then I took the decision to conquer it. I reclaimed my life.

After say a long day of work I came back home and started doing personal work, homely chores— like cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen top, taking out the trash, checking my mails, paying the bills, etc. It suddenly struck me that I invariably fail to get it done on time, keeping my calm intact. What was the reason I wondered? There have been evenings I spent pondering about the thoughts of doing things I dread, I would spend hours curling up in sofa just to gather courage, and procrastinating. This condition would make me force myself to be up and awake, although I knew that I didn’t have any energy to accomplish anything. All of it lies in the fact that I refused to take decisions. Such a simple act seems harmless even. But this fatigue has the power to tire us down and zero in our willpower.

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