Hunch Back From The Bad Work At Home Posture? Here Is The Simple Remedy

Get in the perfect posture by following these simple exercises while you work from home.

Work from home has become the new standard accepted by almost every firm. Instead of rushing to get a vehicle and maintaining a packed schedule, we have become the perfect couch potato slouching on the couch, waiting for the work hours to get over with. Staring at the plain screen, you will find yourself with stiffening muscles, joints and ligaments after staying in the same posture for a lot of time. If you want to kick the slouching effect, here are some foolproof exercise strategies that will keep you healthy no matter where you work from.

Stand Tall-

You might have totally ignored how you stand or walk, but paying attention to your posture can make a massive difference to your body. When you stand, make sure you relax your shoulders and keep your head held high. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and put your weight on the balls of your feet. Keep the knees bent slightly, bend your stomach and while you walk, keep shifting your weight from one foot to another, so you don’t have to stand at one place for long.

Sit Correctly-

Make sure when you sit, sit correctly and not hunched. The chair you choose a chair keeps it at the perfect height, so you don’t have to cross your legs while working for long. Keep your knees above the level of your hips. Sit back and let the back support your spine. Keep your neck relaxed at one position and prevent it from moving forward and backwards.

Keep Moving-

Holding one position for a long time will cause your muscles to keep a constant tension that will eventually lead to fatigue. You may get a severe slouched posture if you continue to pressure your body to be in the same position. Make sure you stretch, walk and stand to keep you on the move.

Wall Slide-

If you have been sitting in a position for too long, you should reset by standing next to a wall and pushing it to relieve stress. Keep your knees slightly bent and arms straight to move the wall effectively and stretch the cramps away.


Strong core muscles help maintain your posture and keep you strong. As tedious exercise planks may seem, it does give you immense strength. Include planks as a part of your daily schedule to remain healthy and strong for long.

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