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Hunting places to find inner peace: Here’s a list of places in Kolkata that can calm

Got bored with your daily life? Want to release all your stress and find peace? But finding peace in a large city is difficult, especially in the city of Joy!

Here are a few of city’s most serene spots to help you pause and take a breather among this ennui and exhaustion. These locations’ solitude makes you wonder, and reflect and urges you to learn more about yourself. These destinations, which are removed from the city’s bustle, have developed into completely quiet areas. It’s time to reclaim your inner tranquilly.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The first Episcopal church in all of Asia and the largest cathedral in Kolkata are a sight to behold. The enormous Gothic buildings, the towers and the vegetation provide you with complete tranquillity. You only need to sit on one of the elegant teak benches within the church to admire the striking patterns, paintings and All-Father. St. Paul in the centre of Kolkata guarantees a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Do stopover in the evening to take a look at the illuminated interiors.

Belur Math

Since the monastery serves as the primary residence for all sanyasis in the Ramakrishna order, meditation and self-discovery are given great consideration. When you meditate while surrounded by a lovely prayer hall where quiet is required, you can even hear the Hooghly River’s waves. If you are looking for tranquilly in the city, this is the place to go because of the tranquilly of the silence and the lush green gardens.

James Princep Ghat

Every Ganga ghat in Kolkata is taken for granted for its tranquilly and given that the Hooghly River runs through the entire metropolitan area, the numerous ghats have developed become the ideal spots for unwinding in the nights. The people of Kolkata hold a particular place in their hearts for James Princep Ghat.

Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple

The most well-known, oldest and most stunning Buddhist Shrine in Kolkata is devoted to Gautama Buddha, who was renowned for his practice of meditation and greatest serenity as a path to spirituality. It is possible to watch monks meditating in the Lotus style during evening prayers, and the serene scent of incense sticks and the aroma of flowers make it the most tranquil location in the entire city.


Make your way to Maidan when you and your pals want to sit and talk for hours without worrying about anything else. People of all ages congregate in Maidan to take strolls or participate in spontaneous games of football or cricket.

If you also want to find your inner peace, then you must visit these serene places in Kolkata, where you will find yourself within the beauty of nature.

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