Published By: Urbee Sarkar

Ice Skating: Basic Tips For Beginners

Before the nervousness of skating on ice skills you, learn the basic tips to excel at it!

Ice skating is a graceful sport! The way your manoeuvre your way on the rink takes a lot of practice. It is not just about keeping your balance when you set your foot in the ice. It is also about how well your motor skills are and your posture. Figuring out the basics first is of utmost importance before you start skating on ice. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the ice skating rink!

Wear Clothes That Are Appropriate For The Ice Rink

Ice skating requires your body to be comfortable at all times. To keep your balance, you need to constantly keep you body in motion in alignment with the inertia. This means, you need to opt for clothes that allow you to move around in them while also hugging you just tight. Avoid dresses that are flowy and also stay out of wearing hard jeans. Wear layers that will keep your body tight. Do not forget to wear gloves and socks. In fact, wear two sets of socks if necessary because you would hate getting cold blisters!

Prepare For The Ice Rink Well

Do not wait to get on the ice when everyone else is done. Get on it when the ice fresh preferably right after it has been cleaned. If the ice looks like snow, avoid getting on it as it would be difficult to glide on it. Wear a part of blades that are sharpened well to have good grip on the ice skating rink/ Remember to tie the laces tight enough with no laces hanging out. This is important because your skates are your support on the rink and if the grip is off, you are more prone to falling down. Lastly, do a little bit stretching and warm up exercises before you start especially targeting your hamstrings.

Maintain The Right Posture On The Rink

First things first, do not look down. It is unbelievably tempting to look down when you are in the rink, but looking down could mess with your balance.  Keep your head up and eyes straight ahead. Remember not to lean backwards as it would make your falling down guaranteed. Instead bend your knees slightly keeping your arms open straight and steady for keeping your balance perfect while skating.