Iconic horror movie props that were sold for insane sum of money.

We all love horror movies for the thrills it offers and the iconic characters that make us shrivel up in our chair. Often in these movies, there were horror props used that were later auctioned for a staggering sum of money. Here’s a list of some valuable in-screen props.

Zuni Doll from the ‘Trilogy of Terror’

Sold for a crazy $204,000, the Zuni Doll went at a Profiles of History auction in 2019. This iconic prop was used in the made for a TV anthology movie 1975’s Trilogy of Terror. It was written by Richard Matheson, the horror legend and directed by Dan Curtis. In the third segment of the trilogy, a lonely single woman is terrorized by the Zuni Doll.

Jack’s Axe from the movie ‘The Shining’

The axe was sold in 2019 by the Prop Store for $209,000! In the movie, you would see the crazy Jack Torrance stalking his son and wife in the Overlook Hotel and wielding the axe to destroy a bathroom door. After it he utters the iconic dialogue, ‘Here’s Johnny’. Soon after the movie was completed, a crew member bought this axe during the movie sale of set decoration, costumes and props. It was retained in a very good condition before eventually selling for a crazy value.

Jason’s costume from the ‘Friday the 13th’

Probably one of the scariest and terrorizing characters of all times, Jason Voorhees sported tattered rags and a hockey mask sported by jilted camper in the movie Friday the 13th. In 2009, the Profiles of History sold the entire costume worn by Jason in the 2009 remake for an astonishing $45,000. The costume comprised of a jacket, pants, glove, mask and boot.

Ripley’s Spacesuit from the movie ‘Alien’

This space suit is believed to be inspired bysamurai armour and was used in the 1979 movie, Alien. The heavy suit was put on by Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, to protect her fromthreatening outer space. It participated in the 2018 Profiles of History auction and was bought for $204,800!

Gill-Man Mask from the ‘Revenge of the Creature’

The Gill-Man mask was created by Bud Westmore, an effects artist who was inspired by the Oscar statue of the Academy Awards. The mask was used in the 1955 sequel, Revenge of the Creature, and after the movie, the Westmore family safely kept it with them for decades. In 2009, at the Profiles of History, the creepy mask was sold for $70,000.

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