Published By: Shruti Sharma

Iconic Menu Items from Disney Theme Parks

Be it Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disneyland, every Disney theme park in the world is a favourite of kids, young and old alike. It’s a fun-filled destination that is renowned for its Disney-themed food items that have become iconic in their own right. Though the menu is not the same in every state and country, do try these items when you find yourself in one of the Disney Worlds.

The Mickey Pretzel

The Mickey Pretzel is a staple in all Disneyland trip pictures of your friends, isn’t it? This salty treat can be found at Disney World in Florida, Orlando and California. Dip it in a sumptuous cheese dip and be prepared to relish this iconic item. Its recipe has also been recently released by Disney.

Joffrey’s Coffee

Since 1995, the Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company has been serving coffees to all Disney land visitors. The park hopping can be a very tiring task and Joffrey’s iced drinks and lattes can be your perfect partners here.

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

A Mickey Mouse shaped milk ice cream dipped in chocolate is something that you cannot afford to miss. Found at every Disney World in the US, these have become so popular that they have swamped the grocery stores of the country!

Mickey-shaped Waffles

Found at several locations across Disney land and Disney World, this sweet treat is a waffle shaped like a Mickey Mouse’s face and topped with chocolate, fruits and honey. Its savoury version is also worth a try.

Arendelle Aqua Cone

The Frozen-themed Arendelle Aqua Cone is easily available at the Disney World and Magic Kingdom. The blue sugar cone is topped with cotton candy soft serve and embellished with Mickey shaped marshmallows.  Other Arendelle Aqua treats like Arendelle Aqua churros, macarons and cake pops can also be tried by all Disney princess fans.

Mickey-shaped cake pops

Small yet iconic, Mickey-shaped cake pops can be found everywhere in Disney Worlds and Disney land parks. Available at dessert parlours, these sweet temptations are a must-try for all visitors.

Giant Pretzel

Inspired by German street food, the giant pretzel is a favourite amongst visitors at the Disney Epcot, Orlando. The super-soft pretzels are served with spicy mustard and can be spotted everywhere around the park. Its size is mostly bigger than people’s heads!

So, next time when you get a chance to visit any of these Disney theme parks, look out for these iconic food dishes, relish them and do not forget to post its picture on your feed. These drool-worthy pictures will surely take your popularity a notch higher!