Ideas to cover for your channel- ft. Travel Vlogger.

Are you a travel content creator? If yes, then this article is for you.

When you start a channel on any social media platform, you need to post regular content. This way, it will be easy to keep your subscribers engaged and increase the number of views. But sometimes, it is difficult to maintain consistency due to a lack of innovative ideas.

So here is a list of ideas for travel vloggers to cover in their upcoming videos.

You as a travel content creator. Start with introducing yourself and how travelling became a part of your life. Talk about your travel experiences and how you decided on becoming a travel vlogger. Also, talk about the upcoming trips you are planning.

Your advice on road trips. Share the video from your road trips, including the fun you had while driving along the way. Also, keep some personal advice for others to follow on such trips.

You can share your bucket list with the subscribers. Here you can talk about the things you wish to try or experience in different destinations. This way, your viewers can get an idea about things to do when visiting those particular destinations.

You can create a video ranking the top 10 destinations you visited. The video based on your personal experience and preferences is a must covered topic for your channel. But keep in mind to create the video as a suggestion and not as a declaration.

You can share some ideas on adventure sports or other things to do when visiting a particular destination. It can be implemented in different parts, as you will have many locations to cover.

You can create a video answering the different queries. You can put up a story on Instagram or Facebook, where people can ask questions related to you and travel ideas and answer those questions in such Q&A videos.

You must cover the list of pocket-friendly destinations to visit. These guides will be helpful for those who wish to travel with a tight pocket.

You can always provide your viewers with few guidelines to follow. It can include essential things to carry, tips for luggage packing, tips for travel ways, the best time to visit a place, and so on.

You can always share preparation videos. Film a video on how you prepare before leaving for any trip. The essential things you carry while travelling and make the list of equipment that comes in handy for shooting.

You must include a chapter for solo travellers too. Include the best places for solo travellers and other guides regarding their safety and security. Also mention about the hostels they can accommodate for staying.

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