Published By: Satavisha

If They Do These Seven Things On The First Date, You Should Avoid A Second Date With Them

First date—you either hate it or love it!

Regardless of how your first date experience was — it always provides a preview of what you could expect from them if you get involved in a romantic partnership in the future. Therefore, it is critical to pay close attention to detail. Amid the flirting and banter, your date will heedlessly drop subtle signs that can help you assess their values, personality, and opinions.

Some of these “subtle” signs might help you identify their underlying red flags.  If your date does these six things when you are meeting them for the first time, you should avoid scheduling a second date with them.

They arrive late without prior notice.

Showing up late may not seem much of a deal, and it can be overlooked. However, it is unacceptable if they keep you waiting too long without notice. You may be considerate to assume that the traffic was horrendous, but the least they could do was inform you. 

In this modern age, everyone has access to a mobile. They could have left you a text suggesting they are running late—so that you don’t have to sit awkwardly in the cafe alone, wondering if they ghosted you.

The lack of consideration is a major red flag that you must not ignore. They should have been thoughtful enough to at least leave you a text. After all, first impressions matter.

They are impolite to the restaurant staff or service people.

Nothing screams irritability, obnoxiousness and entitlement louder than being impolite to restaurant staff. Your date may have been very polite to you, but none of that counts if they spoke rudely to a cleaner, waiter or a cab driver.  You have to understand—they are NOT good people.

They are hooked on their phone.

Let’s say, you are in the middle of explaining something to your date—your hobbies or what is your bread and butter—and you see them casually scrolling through their phone or texting someone. Annoying, right? They might even keep using their phone and occasionally pause to make eye contact with you.

This is plain RUDE! It also clearly suggests they don’t care about what you have to say—in other words, they are just not into you. Don’t waste your precious time planning another date with someone who couldn’t offer you their undivided attention for an hour or two.

Talking too much about a former lover

Unless you are directly asking them about their former partner or relationship, it is not okay for your date to share unnecessary information and details about their ex. Skipping soliloquies about former lovers is the thumb rule of dating. However, if they cannot prevent themselves from talking about their ex, chances are, they haven’t moved on. Your date is supposed to be about getting to know each other better and not learning more about their former partner. 

They talk too much about themselves.

Your date should be as eager to learn about you, just as you are in them. Going by that logic, you should encourage them to share more about themselves. However, if they are talking about themselves non-stop without giving you a chance to speak about yourself, you should run for your life. Chances are, you are dating a narcissist, or they don’t care about getting to know you.

Bragging about their possessions, skills, or income.

In general, people who brag are intolerable. If your date only discussed how much money they make,  how many properties or cars they own, or how excellent they are at golf—that is your cue to never see them again.

It does not take a lot to turn a cute date into a boring one. Fortunately, these mistakes can help you determine if you want to plan a second date or never see them again.