If you are adding these ingredients to your skin care routine- STOP IT.

Today, skincare became a part of our daily schedule. We either choose to go all-natural or else pick the chemical-based products. Before we select anything, we make sure to look for the beneficial ingredients present in it. But we hardly pay any attention to those skincare ingredients that might end up harming your skin.

So here is a list of those ingredients that are best to avoid.

Methylisothiazolinone. It is an allergen mostly found in water-based rinse-off products such as cleansers or shampoos. Methylisothiazolinone can cause skin irritation, skin hives or itchiness. Dermatologists advise avoiding those having sensitive skin types.

If you are one of them who chose their products based on how good they smell, then stop doing it. Products with synthetic fragrances tend to cause allergic reactions, along with severe headaches, skin irritation, pigmentation, rashes or dizziness. Some of the ingredients used in fragrant products cause vasodilatation (dilates blood vessels). And are co-sensitizing (causes allergies) and photosensitizing (sensitive to sunlight).

Although it is one of the most loved antibiotics by people, it is better to avoid Neocymin usage. Mild cuts are curable using neomycin; but are not recommended for deep cuts, animal bites, severe burns, and puncture wounds.

It is an ingredient present in products such as nail polish, nail treatments and hair dyes. When liquid toluene comes in contact with skin, it causes skin irritation and rashes. It is best to avoid toluene-based products because the greater is the exposure, the greater is its effect.

Mineral Oils. Commonly found in makeup items, face and hand cream, body lotions and cleansers, mineral oils are petroleum by-products. These are harmful to your skin because it has carcinogenic particles which might lead to severe diseases. Similarly, it also clogs the pores and increases the chance for acne breakouts and other skin problems.

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG). It is commonly used in cosmetics (especially cleansers) to give a thicker and softer texture. Polyethylene Glycol allows the skin to deeply absorb every ingredient (including the bad ones), which alter the proportion of skin’s natural moisture. Skincare experts advise avoiding PEG-based products to avoid irritation and skin dryness.

Popularly found in skincare cosmetic products and others should be avoided. Often it is used as an antibacterial agent in products, but excess exposure to formaldehyde can cause severe skin-related issues.

These are some of the ingredients that you can check and avoid inclusion in your skincare routine.

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