Published By: Riya Banerjee

If you are retiring soon, here are some of the places you should plan your next trips to

What better time to travel the world than after retiring? Here we have a list of some of the best places you need to put on your must-visit…

Yearning to travel is there for almost everybody. The excitement of exploring a new place or even the thought of relaxing somewhere at the beach is a feeling that is beyond most feelings. However, in today’s busy lives it is next to impossible to take a long work break to actually plan to go on a vacation. Thus many decide to fulfil all the doable travels once they retire, and frankly, that is a brilliant idea! After your retirement you would want to start off your second life with loads of newer experiences and travelling is surely a great way to do so. So if you retired or are going to any time soon, we have curated a list of places you must put in your travel agenda and pack your bags!


If you have the soul of an explorer then Egypt is surely the place to visit after you retire. Egypt is an extremely popular tourist spot and rightly so because of its rich history and the famous pyramids. See the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Colossi of Memnon while you are there!


If we are talking about having new experiences worth remembering, Iceland has to be a must-visit place. Imagine seeing the Northern Lights while you sit inside your tent! Surely it needs a lot of booking and planning in advance but once you are there witnessing this natural beauty, it will all be worth it!


Be it for the wildlife or the adventure, everyone should visit Africa at least once in their lifetime. You can travel with your grandchildren and children on a package tour and see places like Cape Town, Knysna Elephant Park, and much more!


It can never be too late to visit the city of love! If you have been waiting to take a trip to Paris, then after your retirement is probably the best time. You see Paris just as the youngsters do; full of lights, romance and of course food! See the famous Eiffel Tower, visit the cute cafes and admire the ever booming art scene there!