Published By: Sanjukta

If you haven’t watched Robert Pattinson as The Batman, here’s why you should

This noir-ish close-to-comics depiction of sleuth Batman in a dark, dark city of Gotham is probably nothing quite like you ever seen before.

The cape of Batman has been worn by prominent actors, from Christian Bale to Michael Keaton, from Adam West to Ben Affleck. Each had its own style, charisma, a goal. Christian Bale was the playboy billionaire with a mission to save Gotham. Ben Affleck, the tired ageing crime-fighting vigilante. Matt Reeves’s The Batman starring Twilight star Robert Pattinson is straight out of the comics kind, holding true to what Batman is in the pages – a great detective.

Director Matt Reeves spins away from the tag of a superhero largely because Batman originally was not meant to be a superhero. Batman is a vigilante. Reeves’ Batman leaves the cape, the fight against the crime lord in the city to protect innocent at a subway from bullies. He plummets street bullies but instead of a solo venture to rid the corruption in the city, he looks for the clues with Detective Jim Gordon, played by Jeffrey Wright. This comic-accurate depiction of Batman is new and quite frankly not seen in Hollywood before. The sleuth Batman is not entirely sure of the crime fighting calling. Neither is his main skill relied on his automobile or gadgets. Rather, it is a deep delve into the neo noir detective and the most basics of digging around looking for clues.

The Batman creates an immersive world draped in grim, mystery and darkness. Reeves and cinematographer Greig Fraser stated that they wanted to show everything from Batman/Bruce Wayne’s Point of view, to rightly capture the despair and helplessness. Because Reeves’ Batman has no superpowers, the cinematography reflected exactly that. The mechanical movement of camera was never dramatic, allowing viewers to stay grounded with the detective. The colours of the frames are magnificent, especially one with Selena and Batman. Visually, the movie sticks with the neo-noir charisma and does it so beautifully.

Matt Reeves’ choice for his Batman is Robert Pattinson. Bruce Waune and the masked vengeance played by the scowling, grim Pattinson to perfection. Kohl wearing eyes behind the mask isn’t the only new thing about the movie. New portrayals of characters is something tolove Zoe kravita as Catwoman, Colin Farell absolutely unrecognized behind The Penguin’s makeup, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon. The antagonist is played by Paul Dano to remarkable status.

Robert Pattinson has set a new, almost genre changing affiliation to Batman as a superhero. The movie stands out among all its peers and has become an instant classic. It isn’t a traditional superhero movie we all have come to know of and you better be prepared for it.