Published By: Sanjukta

If you like the Your Name, watch these other anime

You won’t be disappointed.

What makes anime movie the best? Stunning visual? Yes. Heart breaking story? Yes. Double story lines? Definitely yes. Your Name has them all and then some. What makes this movie so darn special is the longing of meeting a person you know can’t really meet but you have literally lived as the other person. It isn’t as confusing as it sounds ‘cause Your Name is one of the best anime movies.

And yes, it isn’t as heart breaking as the others.

If you are looking for similar feels, we have compiled a list of anime, with the same vibes as Your Name.

Weathering With You

This anime is directed by the same mastermind behind Your Name and is a magical wonderland in its own right. With breathtaking animation and an enchanting storyline about a boy and a girl who can control the weather, you'll be entranced from start to finish.

A Silent Voice

This anime is a true gem, a heart-warming and emotional coming-of-age story about a boy trying to make amends with a deaf girl he once bullied in elementary school. It's a tear-jerker, let’s be honest, but this will make you deeply moved.

Spirited Away

A masterpiece in its own right, this fantastical adventure about a girl who gets trapped in a magical world and has to find her way back home, Spirited Away is definitely a mood for all seasons. The gorgeous animation, captivating music, and spellbinding story will leave you utterly enchanted.

Kimi no Na Wa (Your Lie in April)

If you're looking for an anime that's both heart-wrenching and breathtakingly beautiful, then this one is a perfect match for you. It's a story about a young musician who lost the ability to hear his own music after a traumatic event, but finds inspiration again when he meets a talented violinist. Honest and heart breaking, you will never not remember it.


If you're looking for something with a bit of romantic comedy, this anime is a must-watch. It's a story about two high school students who help each other pursue their crushes, but end up falling for each other instead. With lovable characters, witty humor, and charming romance, this anime is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.


The OST, featured on countless reels, Suzume will be etched in your memory. There’s impending doom around, there’s a cat and a human turned into a chair, there’s stunning animation, fantastical door, exploration of trauma - all punched together in a story of confronting trauma with funny moments.