Published By: Riya Banerjee

If you liked Manifest, here are other series that you will want to binge watch

Are you someone who likes watching fantasy fiction series?  If so, then the series Manifest must have surely caught your eyes.

Nowadays, watching series has become a big time pass routine for many. Ever since the advent of OTT, several content come up every other week and engages the audience too. Manifest for instance has been going on for four seasons and has a huge fan base. Based on a fantasy fiction plot, the series delves into physics, mythology and also a lot of fantasy elements. If you are someone who has already watched the series and loved it, here are some other similar series you can binge watch…


Without a doubt, Lost has to come top on the list when it comes to series dealing with reappearances and mystic elements. The story revolves around passengers of a plane which crashes on a mysterious island thus making the passengers stranded there. The show has the perfect mixture of science fiction and fantasy which you will not regret watching at all!

The Returned

This French series also attracted a lot of audience who loved watching Manifest and wondering how the passengers returned after that many years in the first place. This show too deals with people who were once dead returning to life and trying to get back to their loved ones. Upon the return of the people, strange things start happening around town and it sure makes it a very interesting watch!

Into The Night

This Netflix series is something to watch out for if you are someone who likes to watch adrenaline pumping content. Just like Manifest, this one too revolves around a plane which gets hijacked by a person. The plot of the series becomes even more exciting when this hijacker’s actions actually save the passengers from sunlight, which is killing everything it touches. Be sure that you will not be bored while watching this one!


This series based in Germany is all about time traveling. It revolves around a child who goes missing and in order to search for him, the characters unfurl a deeper secret. It may get a bit intense to watch but trust us, you will be hooked till the end!