If You Only Drink Fruit Juice, What Happens to Your Health?

While fruit juice is considered a healthy option for breakfast, relying solely on juices is not recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Here is why juicing fruits reduces the nutrition content of your meal.

Citrus juices, such as orange and apple, have long been seen as a nutritious addition to the diet. Even though fruit juice is a good source of vitamins, the health benefits of these drinks have been overstated. There is no need to completely exclude fruit juice from your diet, but it doesn’t deliver the same health advantages as eating a slice of fruit.

If you drink a glass juice every day, here’s what happens to your body and how to include it in a balanced diet.

This Might Cause Your Blood Sugar To Spike

Your pancreas releases a hormone known as insulin into the blood circulation throughout the day. Insulin’s function is to push sugar out of the blood and store it in cells such as your muscles, fats, and liver. When insulin levels in your bloodstream are too low, sugar is released back into the bloodstream, causing you to overeat.

You’ll Miss Out On Fiber If You Don’t Eat Whole Fruit

Consuming fruit juice instead of eating whole fruits would deprive you of important elements like fiber, which make fruits so nutritious. As part of a balanced diet, fiber helps reduce cholesterol, regulate bowel motions, and keep you at a healthy weight. It also plays a role in controlling blood sugar levels.

Weight Gain

Drinking too much fruit juice might contribute to weight gain because of the high-calorie content. From a caloric viewpoint, drinking many glasses of juice per day is equal to drinking multiple sodas. In terms of nutrition, it doesn’t really add much, but it is high in calories and sugar. So before juicing the fruits, makes sure you research the number of calories you are likely to ingest because of the glass of juice.

Your Teeth Could Get Damaged

Drinking too much fruit juice can probably increase your chance of permanent tooth erosion, so watch what you eat and drink. When consuming hot, cold, or sweet beverages, this might cause discomfort or sensitivity, yellowing the teeth, and an increased risk of cavities. In addition, because acidic beverages like apples and juice drinks can lead to tooth decay, they should only be consumed as a treat rather than an everyday habit.


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