Published By: Satavisha

If Your Balcony Does Not Receive Ample Sunlight, Grow These Seven Shade-loving Plants

Urban gardening has gained immense popularity in recent years—but many balconies do not receive ample sunlight. However, you can grow these gorgeous green babies that love the shade!

Most city dwellers live in compact apartments, but we all want to grow a small garden and enjoy the little pleasures of owning pretty blooms—even if the balcony is shady. Sadly, in cities, many balconies do not receive adequate sun—and it limits the choices of foliage you can grow.

However, even the darkest balcony can be turned into a lush green garden if you choose the right plants. In addition, if you have a north-facing balcony, you have no choice but to opt for shade-loving plants that can thrive in dimly lit spaces. There are many plants out there that need scanty sunlight to yield the best results. Below are our best picks for plants that prefer shady balconies.


Begonias are easy-to-care-for potted plants that can flourish in shady locations. They prefer shade or partial shade to bear flowers until October. It is also essential to note that Begonias cannot tolerate waterlogging. So, try not to over-water them.


This common shade-loving plant can grow comfortably in pots. All hostas prefer well-drained and rich soil. They are not well suited to arid conditions—so, you have to sufficiently water them—and practice mulching to retain moisture.

These plants grow rapidly when placed in partial shade. However, there are some varieties that can endure direct exposure to sunlight for some time. The plant bears spikey lavender or white blooms that attract bees and butterflies. But keep this plant away if you have rabbits as pets at home, as they make tasty treats for them.


Oxalis are an excellent choice for shady balconies, especially if you are looking for foliage that is slightly different. If you want to add a splash of color to your balcony, get an oxalis plant with purple blooms.


Fuchsia can grow in temperatures between 12° to 26° Celsius—but if the mercury consistently reads higher temperatures, the plant will stop flowering. If you live in a region that enjoys cool summers—fuchsias will grow well. However, in warmer climates, you can enjoy pretty blooms during autumn . Fuchsias come in a wide range of colors with stunning flowers—and if you grow them in a hanging pot, the blooms will spill over the sides.


Many compact varieties of this plant are ideal pot dwellers. But the biggest challenge of growing hydrangeas in pots is providing sufficient water. Hydrangeas, when grown in pots, require more water than in the ground.

Grow them in big pots (18 to 20 inches) across—this size can hold adequate soil to allow the plant to grow its roots and spread. Make sure the pots are receiving ample afternoon shade and morning sun in all climates.


Jasmine plants are always happy when you place them in the shade, but make sure they are not exposed to strong winds. These plants grow just fine in pots or containers on shady balconies or a deck or patio. This plant bears sweet-smelling blooms and will keep your balcony fragrant throughout summer.

English Ivy

This beloved container plant looks stunning when mixed with other textural greenery like hostas and ferns or with flowering plants. English Ivy is the best plant for lazy gardeners, just water it sometimes when the soil becomes very dry—and that’s all. This low-maintenance plant is available in many sizes and varieties with white foliage. These evergreen plants will look incredible with your summer and spring bloomers or pansies.

It is not a Herculean task to find shade-loving greeneries that will suit your requirements, but it is essential to know what you want to grow on your balcony before you head out to shop.