Immunity building salad bowls

Nutritionist and wellness coach Pooja Banga explaining the interconnectedness of immunity and salads, lays out some interesting easy to make salad bowls

When we say or hear the word salad, a picture that immediately pops in our heads is of a bowl full of leafy green vegetables. And keeping in mind the pandemic, it has become all the more necessary to include salads in our daily diet as it helps build one’s immunity.

Mind your greens

Nutritionist and wellness coach Pooja Banga, stressing on the importance of salad explains that salad and immunity are well connected. “Mostly in the salad you eat raw vegetables that give our body the necessary vitamins, minerals, and the nutrients as opposed to the cooked vegetables. So eating raw vegetables not only lets our body beautifully absorb the nutrients, the fiber intake improves digestion,” says the nutritionist.

Are you eating these?
Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, spinach, and cabbage are a great source of Vitamin C and play a vital role in building immunity. However, Banga warns against ordering a salad in a restaurant. “A restaurant salad brings to the table calories more than a pizza as they lace it with too much dressing,” she informs.  In fact, the tangy Kimchi salad is also healthy as it is filled with probiotics. But not all that is green always makes for a salad. Banga puts to rest the notion of a leafy green salad bowl with a list of conventional recipes.

Thai peanut butter salad
It is a complete meal loaded with macro and micronutrients, healthy fats, and protein. In bowl mix cooked quinoa, red lettuce, carrots, edamame beans, peanut butter, Thai chilly and tofu. Toss the ingredients well and serve.

Krispy kale and quinoa salad
Dress the kale leaves with oil and salt. Arrange it in the oven (without the edges of leaves touching together) and wait for 10 minutes at 180 degree.  Check if kale is crispy, if not heat a little more. In a bowl add cooked quinoa, pomegranate, roasted walnuts, liquid from the jalapeños, extra virgin olive oil, dates, feta cheese and add the crispy kale on the top.

Greek salad
It is rich in vitamin, beta carotene, and prebiotics that is essential in building the immune system. In a bowl add bell peppers, cucumbers, tomato, red onions, olive, feta cheese and add yogurt for dressing. Mix well and serve.

While the listed greens are a must, the expert also advises on incorporating the seasonal vegetables for building a stronger immune system.

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