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Impact of celebrities on today’s youth.

Living a celebrity lifestyle isn’t easy because you need to be cautious about every move you make. 

Celebrities play a vital role to shape every person in society- both negatively and positively. However, the most compelling impact of celebrities gets reflected in the attitude and behaviour of the young generation. It influences the way today’s generation visualize their lives and imagines the world to be.

Celebrity influence is either good or bad. Therefore, both parties must stay aware of their actions. Teens can use some guidance from their elders and teachers to learn differentiating.

Here are some of the usual impacts of celebrities on teens.

Teens are getting more inclined towards maintaining perfect figures. Staying fit is fine, but being harsh on your body and health isn’t the solution. As per survey reports, more than 75% of teenage girls compare their body shape with celebrity image. Therefore, it increases figure consciousness among these young girls.

Celebrities are indirectly responsible for eating disorders in teens. The thought of having a dissatisfied body is the reason behind several health conditions- eating disorder, depression, low self-esteem and inferiority complex. According to studies, most young ladies watches “What celebrities eat in a day” type videos or blogs and try to implement those habits in real. However, they do not understand that the amount of nutrients required by the body differs from person to person.

Celebrity endorsed products creates a powerful impact on today’s teens. These impacts can either be positive or negative. Companies providing nutritious foods and various health care services use celebrity endorsement strategies to reach more customers. This way everybody can enjoy the benefits. However, the negative impact is when luxurious items get promoted as necessities. It is not easy to shape a teenager’s mind, especially if they are adamant about having stuff.

Teens pick up using substances after following celebrity lifestyles online. It is one of the negative impacts of encouraging celebrity influence on the life of a teenager. Celebrities posting images of themselves holding a glass of alcohol or smoking is quite normal. However, it is impacting the life of youngsters because they find it cool and appealing. According to expert reports, around 60% of today’s youngsters start consuming substances to look like their idolized celebrities. In the urge to be like them, teens often indulge in worse habits, such as alcohol, drugs, smoke, etc.

These are a few ways celebrities influence today’s youth.

Orna Ghosh

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